How far do you want to go?

Deciding on investing in yourself and your future is a big step.  Your soul knows what’s the right next step for you.  So the question is – are you listening?

I’m committed to supporting and guiding you from wherever you are to wherever you desire to be.  And that’s why I’ve created opportunities for us to work together no matter the size of the investment you are ready to make.

Not sure which is right for you?  I’m here to support you through this part of the process too – just click the icon below to shoot me an email or send me a message.

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A La Carte

A La Carte sessions are one time, instant book sessions.  I offer:

  • Free Activation & Exploration Session: There is so much magic available for you! During this 20 minute call we will discuss whatever you most desire to receive and/or release and start the process of helping you shift into exactly that. 20 minutes doesn’t seem like long but it’s amazing what can happen when we allow magic to happen.  This is a NO OBLIGATION call. If it feels right for both of us I will share possibilities for continuing our journey together. But I will NEVER pressure you into purchasing something. This is a SAFE SPACE!
  • Intuitive Healing sessions: Deep dive session to clear your blocks, shift your beliefs, and embrace your abilities. Any topic goes – business/money, love/relationships, body/health, confidence, self love, trauma. During this session I will hold space for you to receive the healing and transformation that you desire as I bring forth whatever healing modalities and intuitive processes that are the most powerful for you at the time.  These sessions are so powerful as they support you in remembering who you are, how powerful you are, and how easy it can actually be to live your dream life
  • Soul Business Bootcamp sessions: A deep dive session on you and your career/business where we go deep into your vision and your blocks to combine healing with action to get you moving in the right direction.  You’ll leave feeling lighter, clearer, and on fire to magnetize the opportunities, clients and profits you’ve been dreaming of with a 30 day aligned action plan specifically tailored to you and your situation.

Click the icon below to book your desired session.

VIP Experiences

Soul Self Sisterhood

Enrollment closes May 13th!

SOUL SELF SISTERHOOD isn’t your grandma’s group coaching program or mastermind. In fact, I’d wager that you’ve never seen anything like it before.

How do I know?

Because I spent years looking for one.

I’d joined so many group programs hoping for the one size fits all answers to everything I desired only to find that none of it worked for me.

I tried masterminds where we talked every week thinking that maybe what I needed was a more customized approach.

But that didn’t work either.

And now I know why.

One size fits all DOESN’T WORK.

Talking for hours on end DOESN’T WORK.

To create true transformation in rapid time you need a customized approach with the opportunity to be seen, witnessed, and healed.

And you need it to go beyond the mind.

That’s why it was so important for me to create the SOUL SELF SISTERHOOD.

It isn’t just business to me. It’s personal.

If right now you’re struggling with:

  • Feeling like you’ve tried everything and life is still too hard
  • Being isolated and lonely because the people around you just don’t get you
  • Bouncing around like you’re on a roller coaster ride – high vibin’ one minute only to fall into despair and victimhood the next because nothing is working out for you
  • Or maybe you just KNOW that even though things are pretty great right now there is oh so much more available for you

Then you’re in the right place.

But first, here’s what this program ISN’T:

  • Traditional group coaching program where we sit around and talk and I train you on mindset tips and tricks, business strategy, or money making processes (yes, we will cover these things if they’re aligned for you BUT what we do goes way beyond coaching)
  • One-off healing sessions where you feel amazing but there’s no follow-up, accountability or space held to allow your amazing feeling to grow into lifelong change
  • Do-it-yourself course where I dump all of the information and homework in your lap and you’re left on your own to figure it all out, wasting hours spinning and overthinking it all

Here’s what it IS:

  • A sacred energetic vortex of deep transformation, healing, and co-creation where you will be held, witnessed, guided and supported through shifting into the TRUE you – the you that knows how powerful you are, how supported you are, how magical you are, the you that doesn’t tolerate living in scarcity, fear, and unworthiness
  • A six month experience facilitated by someone who has been there, who understands the journey and can guide you in rapidly shedding the layers and embracing YOU.  I’ve done it myself and for many others and I am committed to being there for you on every level so that when this journey is over you won’t even recognize your old life

When you join, you will receive:

  • Six months in this powerful, sacred energetic group vortex to accelerate your shifting into the truly powerful being that you are
  • Group chat for 24/7 access via text and voice text to support your expansion between our sessions
  • Weekly group intuitive healing sessions where we deep dive as a group to shift, expand, and receive for rapid and magical transformation because IT REALLY CAN BE THAT EASY
  • Customized recorded channeled activations to support your integration of the deep work we’re doing
  • Private Facebook group for anything you desire – post videos as your true self to lock it in, submit content/business plans/etc. for review and feedback, share creative endeavors for love and support, vocalize anything that needs to be witnessed between sessions
  • EVERYTHING I have is available to you in this experience – one size fits all doesn’t work so I am committed to making all of my knowledge, skills, experience, and all of the intuitive healing available in this sacred space so that you walk out the embodiment of your SOUL SELF

Because this is a sacred group journey access is by application only.  Please click the icons to email or message me to get more details and start the application process.

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1-on-1 Mentorship

Customized Options Available

Feeling like you’re ready to have someone in your corner full time – helping you see who you really are, cultivate the deep self love and confidence that’s been missing, guiding you into relaxing into your true self?

My mission in this lifetime is to support visionary light leaders like you as you remember who the F you are, embrace you inner power and unique magic, and allow yourself to let it be easy.

I know you desire to make a difference while you’re here.

I know that you feel a deep calling that there is so much more available.

I know you want to make the most of your time on  Earth.

I know you want to live the life you truly desire and you’re getting tired of working so hard for it.

And more than anything I KNOW how freaking magical you are.

Working harder isn’t the answer.

Becoming someone else isn’t the answer.

Everything you desire is on the other side of BEING your soul self.

You are already the magical, powerful, divine, creative being that you are trying so hard to find.

When you understand that on every level everything else just gets easier.

Your love life blossoms.

Your business flourishes.

Things, people and experiences show up in your life as if by magic.

And best of all you live in a deep sense of peace and freedom because you know that you are infinitely safe and supported.  That you can’t get it wrong because everything is always working out for you.

This is what my 1-on-1 mentorship is for.

I utilize a unique combination of intuitive processes, quantum healing, life and business coaching, 3D strategy, and deep energetic work so that we get mind blowing results in rapid time.

If this feels like something your soul is asking for email or message me below to start the conversation.  I only accept a limited number of clients per year at this level and I am committed to making sure it is a perfect fit for both of us, because if its not a soul yes it’s a hell no.

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