You know there is more to life than paying bills but you aren’t sure what.  You feel unfulfilled and guilty for feeling ungrateful.  You’ve had success in some areas, but you can’t seem to get it all together.  People tell you you’re lucky because your life looks great from the outside.  You know you should be happy more often but you don’t know how.  You just want to feel good. 

Instead you:

  • Control every detail in life, afraid if you let go it will all fall apart
  • Resent the people in your life because you have to “do it all”
  • Feel stuck in a career you don’t feel passionate about
  • Are divorced, single, or emotionally distant from your partner
  • Never have enough money, no matter how much you make
  • Hate your body because you’ve abused it for so long you no longer feel sexy or healthy
  • Are drowning in guilt, feeling like you consistently let everyone down – your children, spouse, family and friends
  • Continue to look for the magical answer or secret key to fix everything
  • Wondering what the point of any of it is

But what if you could:

  • Wake up excited to see what the day brings
  • Be clear on your purpose and your desires
  • Relax knowing that everything is always working out for you
  • Be grateful for every single day – because they are awesome!
  • Feel sexy, healthy, and powerful in your body and your mind
  • Be in a divinely beautiful, passionate, and fulfilling romantic partnership
  • Be the parent you always wanted to be but never knew how
  • Know your worth and believe in yourself
  • Understand your true power and have the confidence to create the life you desire

It is possible.  When you release the baggage and old beliefs and start to tap into the power of who you are you get to live the life of your dreams. 

Throughout our lives we pick up beliefs, judgements, trauma, and experiences that disconnect us from who we truly are and cause us to put away our dreams until we no longer remember them.  The longer we live like that the harder it gets to pretend everything is ok.  But there is a better way.

By the time you finish this 16 week program you will:

  • Have released the guilt, fear, shame, and doubt that has been holding you back
  • Be tapped into the power within – allowing you to craft the life you desire with ease
  • Love yourself for the divine, beautiful, powerful creature you are
  • Be confident in yourself and your worth – allowing you to attract the romantic relationship, money, and body you desire
  • Understand your purpose in the world – and how to fulfill it
  • Parent with purpose – be the guide your children (and others) deserve in order to be the healthy, happy, whole humans they are meant to be
  • Be free to be you – authentically and unapologetically
  • Love life in all its unpredictable, messy, glorious beauty

UNLEASHED is a 16 week program

Every week there will be a new training released where I deep dive on a topic to help you unleash the power within.  The trainings will be 30-60 minutes and will include homework tasks to help you put it into practice.

The trainings will include:

  • What Is This Power?
  • The Big 3 – Mind-Body-Soul Connection
  • Why Thinking Positive Thoughts Isn’t Enough
  • Tour Guide – How to get in touch with your intuition
  • Archaeology 101 -Undoing the years of programming, trauma, and beliefs
  • Put On That Crown – Stop giving your power away
  • Recognizing and Releasing – Guilt, Fear, Shame
  • Recognizing and Releasing – Doubt, Worry, Blame
  • You Aren’t a Victim
  • Know Your Worth, Take Stock of Your Value
  • Cut the Comparison
  • Your Bullshit Stories – Why they are holding you back and how to release them
  • Why YOU Don’t Chase
  • Environment is Everything – how to create yours
  • Integration for Rapid Results
  • Why Does It Matter – Your contribution

You also get access to a group where you can connect with fellow students. It is a safe space for you to ask questions, converse with others on the same journey, get support and make lifelong friends.

Bonus access to recordings with guest speakers on a variety of topics.

This program is NOT for you if:

You are looking for a quick fix

You prefer things to stay as they are

You want someone else to solve all of your problems

This program is FOR you if:

You are tired of the way things are and are ready for change

Desire to finally feel fulfilled, free, and happy

You are ready to finally live the life you deserve

2 options are available depending on your desired level of support:


Sale Price

$222 4 Monthly Payments

All the goodies listed above.


Sale Price

$777 4 Monthly Payments

Gold plus:

2x monthly laser coaching call

Unlimited text/voice text access