Now accepting applications for Round 2!

The Sisterhood is built on one Universal Truth.

Everything you desire comes through being more YOU.

You are already worthy of your every desire.

If you aren’t living the life you want, the truth is you are the only one holding yourself back.

The Sisterhood will show you exactly where and why so that you can live that life now.

What is the Sisterhood?

It’s a unique combination of coaching, quantum healing, intuitive business mentoring, with a dash of unexplainable magic.

It’s a safe, sacred space of transcendence where you will drop the masks, blocks, and experiences that have gotten in the way of your core truth.

It’s the place where you will get to know yourself so that you can unleash your power and purpose in the world.

It’s the place where you will fall in love with yourself.

It’s the place where everything shifts.

It’s the place where you finally allow all of your dreams to come true.

Why is it facilitated by me?

I’ve been gifted with magical abilities in this lifetime. 

I’ve also been where you’re standing now.

It’s my unique combination of deep energetic work, intuitive guidance, and 3D strategy PLUS your commitment to showing up that makes it possible for us to co-create this rapid shift into your new reality.

I’m committed to being there for you so that when this journey is over you won’t even recognize your old self.

What results can you expect:

As you know, what we focus on expands.  But did you know that the energy you bring to one area of life affects every area of life?  This means that you will likely see shifts across the board:

    • More money
    • Better health
    • Amazing relationships
    • Exciting opportunities
    • Lucrative soul-based business
    • Adventure & excitement

As you get to know yourself through the eyes of The Sisterhood:

    • Your confidence will increase
    • You’ll fall in love with yourself
    • You’ll understand your worth
    • You’ll find yourself allowing and accomplishing things you never thought possible

When you join, you will receive:

    • Six months in this sacred space
    • Weekly live group sessions
    • 24/7 group chat
    • Customized support for YOU
      • Define your goals for 6-12 months
      • Address and clear your blocks
      • Activate your magic and intuition

What it isn’t:

    • Traditional group coaching program where we sit around and talk and I train you on mindset tips and tricks, business strategy, or money making processes (yes, we will cover these things if they’re aligned for you BUT what we do goes way beyond coaching)
    • One-off healing sessions where you feel amazing but there’s no follow-up, accountability or space held to allow your amazing feeling to grow into lifelong change
    • Do-it-yourself course where you’re expected to hold the space for yourself and keep yourself accountable

What it requires from you:

    • The willingness to show up and be seen where you are
    • The desire to be open to the possibilities available
    • The ability to support your sisters as they support you
    • The willingness to ask for help
    • A minimal 3D time commitment – 2 or 3 hours per week

Because this is a sacred group journey access is by application only.  Please click the button to apply.

What members of the current Sisterhood are saying:

Jeanie McElroy

Quantum Sound Healer

When we started The Sisterhood it was really hard for me to be visible as myself.   

Three or four months have passed now and this group has seen me. They’ve seen me sad and happy and I’ve really come into owning my being and feeling safe to be visible as myself.

Being seen by soul sisters allowed for me to see myself and know that no matter who I’m around I’m still safe.

That helped me step into my next however many layers up of being able to help other people also feel safe.  I can now create containers of that safety for for my own clients because now I have clients.

Three months ago I didn’t think anyone would want to get help from me. And now people are getting help from me because I can see them and love them and support them.

I’m getting crazy, amazing results in my life.

Kelly Webb

Holistic Guide & Creator of Soul Code Mumma

When I joined I was a fairly new mom and I had a business. I have been running my business for 14 years.  I am very capable, intelligent, and smart but I really didn’t feel like that at the time. I was so lost. I just had no self-confidence. I questioned everything I did.

I felt like our family was just living Groundhog Day.  It felt bloody awful and I didn’t want that to be our life. I wanted better for me, my partner, my son. I had all these big dreams of things I wanted to achieve and they just felt like they were getting further and further away.

Almost right away I started to notice little shifts happening.  I felt this real shift, especially around my mindset to do with money and I noticed the more I opened up and the more I shared within the group and the more I laid all my cards out on the table the quicker these shifts started happening.

Four months in and I feel like there’s still a way to go but I feel like I’m making those steps towards it.  I feel like I’m actually getting closer to those old goals. They’re not slipping away anymore. They’re coming back closer and closer to achieving them. That’s pretty amazing.

When you are actually supported by like-minded people who get you and understand the value in being authentic and being real and raw that just elevates everything next level.