it’s time to live a life that you’ll never regret

After spending years struggling with depression and feeling like I was missing something and the subsequent 10 year journey I went on to re-create myself from the inside out, one thing I’ve learned is that most people are trying to create a life that makes them feel fulfilled, content, and happy, but they’re doing it backwards.  

You’re going to want to take note of what I’m about to tell you because it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever learn and if you get it right now it’s going to save you countless hours of disappointment and frustration.

We’ve been taught we have a problem with our partner, money, or body that is causing our unhappiness.  And if we just fix that thing, all will be right with the world.  But what happens when we fix the thing?  We find something else that needs to be fixed before we can be happy.


Because the problem isn’t the partner, money, body, thing.  The problem is a disconnection from ourselves.

you must go within to create without

Happiness, contentment, fulfillment, bliss are all inside jobs.

And so are wealth, relationships, health & impact.

It all comes from within.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of what you subconsciously desire and a deep connection to your core essence, you cannot build a life that has the money, freedom, and relationships you love while also leaving you feeling fulfilled, passionate, and on fire for life.

To live a life of passion, freedom, excitement, and fulfillment you need to know what makes you feel passionate, free, excited, and fulfilled

You have it all within you to live a life that blows your mind.  One where you get to be the boldest, purest expression of yourself.  Where you know what you want and you feel how worthy you are of having it.  Showing up in your life & relationships with so much joy to spread and life to share because you are full of the vitality and energy of life.

say hello to a life that leaves you feeling lit up

  • You deserve to live a life that feels as good on the inside as it does on the outside
  • It starts with knowing yourself and opening up to what you truly love and desire
  • Surrounding yourself with people on a similar journey gives you the evidence and support to really go for it
  • When you choose to no longer settle for “good enough” you become the permission slip for what’s possible for others


The VIP Experience

A 12 Month Journey to finding out who you really are, what you really desire, and allowing yourself to be, do and have everything you’ve ever wanted.

Pillar 1: Discovery

Get in touch with what you really want, who you really are, and how it feels to live a life of passion, purpose, fulfillment, and freedom

Pillar 2: Community

Surround yourself with people on the same path to more – becoming the permission slip & cheerleading squad you never knew you wanted

Pillar 3: Release

Let go of judgements, beliefs, trauma, and ancestral patterns that aren’t allowing you to be the fullest expression of self so that you can BE all you came to BE

You’ll receive:

  • 12 months inside of this potent container
  • Monthly live trainings
  • 2x monthly live group coaching calls
  • Telegram group chat access for connection & support between calls
  • A private Facebook community

We’ll be there for you every step of the way as you step into the self and life you are meant to experience

And if you’d like even more support and expansion, choose the one-on-one upgrade option.

Everything included above plus:

  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching call
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Quantum Healing session
  • Private Telegram chat access for connection & support between calls

month 1


  • Uncover core desires (not the ones you’re told to want) that pull you forward into your dream life

Month 2


  • Explore what true freedom means and feels like to you
  • Begin recreating your life with freedom at the core

Month 3


  • Clear ancestral patterns, trauma, and limitations that you have subconsciously been living by

month 4


  • Learn to give yourself (and others) permission to explore, experience, fail, & figure it out as you go and not let that stop you from receiving everything you desire

Month 5


  • Learn to have the most soul-nurturing, heart-fulfilling, playful, passionate, amazing relationships – with yourself, love interests, family, friends, and everyone else

month 6

Body Wisdom

  • Having the healthiest, happiest, sexiest body starts with honoring and being present with your body.  Find out what your body has been trying to tell you

Month 7


  • Get in touch with your soul purpose, why you came, what you’re here to do, and how you can incorporate that into your life in a way that lights you up

month 8


  • Learn to process and express emotions in a healthy, nurturing way and how to hold space for others to do the same so that you aren’t trapping toxic energy in your system

Month 9


  • Deep dive into owning your worth, allowing yourself to receive what you desire, and always have an overflowing cup

month 10


  • Unleash your innate magical abilities to co-create an Earthly experience that surprises and delights.  Even if you don’t know it, you have unbelievably magical abilities hiding in you!

Month 11


  • What does true abundance feel like and how do you tap into the flow of it?  Let’s find out!

month 12


  • Bringing it all together, what’s next, and making an impact on humanity

You deserve to feel amazing while having everything your heart desires

Making massive changes in yourself can feel challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone.  

As soon as you join you get access to an exclusive community of changemakers and visionaries going BIG in life.  This is one of the most amazing communities out there, and they’re waiting to cheer you on.


Hi, I’m Erica and I love helping heart-centered humans find their way to feeling fulfilled, free, and lit up by life because I know what it’s like to be living a life that leaves you feeling flat.

I’ve spent 20+ years learning everything I could about human needs, spirituality, healing, and the energy of the universe. 

I’ve struggled with depression, discontentment, isolation, and addiction.  I dove deep to recreate myself into the person I am today.

And I’ve coached hundreds of people just like you into finding what truly lights them up, lets them feel alive, and has them living lives that feel like a dream they never want to wake up from.

I’m a certified Quantum Healer and Laser Coach with experience in inner child healing, ancestral clearing, emotional release, breathwork, and many other modalities and intuitive methods.

I believe that the best way to be a guide for others is to meet them where they are while holding space for them to get to where they want to be.

I have dedicated my life to being the bridge between the lives we’re living and the lives that are possible, because I know we are meant for more, and I’ve found the way to make that possible!

I hope you’ll join us and see how good it really can be.


As a special bonus when you choose the pay-in-full option you’ll receive:

Pay-in-full group: Group VIP event (Online)

pay-in-full 1-on-1 Upgrade: 1-on-1 VIP day (online or in-person)

Still unsure if this is right for you?  Hear what a few of my clients have to say about this powerful work:

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