The Multi-dimensional Mastermind

You deserve a seat at the table with people who are where you want to be.

What if I told you that for the next 12 months you could: 

  • Learn from some of the most influential leaders in personal development, spirituality and business
  • Upgrade your average by being surrounded and supported by people on a similar journey of expansion
  • Explore all the things – spirituality, sacred sexuality, manifestation, multi-dimensional business, breathwork, embodiment, health, relationships, true abundance, the list goes on
  • Be an integral part of a community of like-minded souls on a similar journey of expansion and evolution

The Multi-dimensional Mastermind is a 12 month container for leaders and innovators curious about bringing spiritual practices, energy work, and all things multi-dimensionality into life and business.  Spiritual entrepreneurs, those who are curious about branching out into entrepreneurism/not-for-profit-ism based on their soul calling, and corporate leaders who are feeling called to do things a little differently.  

It is specifically for you if you love learning lots of different things, you get bored easily, you are craving deep soul connections and community, and you are looking to expand in new areas but aren’t sure what specifically. 

It is a space for you to explore and play and then follow your soul to dive deeper into the things that feel right.  You will get exposure to a multitude of different trainers that are experts in their field. These are people who are walking their talk and have the life to show for it.

With 2 trainings per month, we cover topics from business to sexuality, embodiment to breathwork, neuroscience to masculine and feminine energy, confidence to bravery, intention to wealth, leadership to spirit guidance.  Through the trainings you will be exposed to new things and learn to apply those concepts and processes to your own life and the work you do in the world, allowing you to grow your impact by leaps and bounds. 

With the option to join the twice monthly coaching & connection calls you will also receive specific guidance for your unique journey, the opportunity to be witnessed and seen, and the support to shift out of the old and into the new.  During these potent calls you will have the opportunity to witness your soul tribe, encourage, support and love on them as they move through their unique journey.  And you’ll get the opportunity to share your magic with the group by hosting your own training.

The Multi-dimensional Mastermind is a space of play and expansion.  Once you step into this container you will begin to receive the energetic codes of those spiritual guides that came before you.  You’ll serve your people better, welcome more of your ideal clients & experiences, have more fun in business and life, and be more abundant doing it – financially, emotionally, spiritually, energetically.

The Multi-dimensional Mastermind is already underway.  Click that cute little pink messenger icon at the bottom of the page to message me to find out more.

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What they’re saying…

When I joined I was a fairly new mom and had been running my business for 14 years.  I'm very capable, intelligent, and smart but I really didn’t feel like it. I was so lost. I just had no self-confidence. I questioned everything I did. I felt like our family was just living Groundhog Day.  It felt bloody awful and I didn’t want that to be our life. I wanted better for myself, my son, and my partner. Almost right away I felt this real shift, especially around my mindset to do with money and I noticed the more I opened up in the group the quicker these shifts started happening. That’s pretty amazing. When you are actually supported by like-minded people who get you and understand the value in being authentic and being real and raw that just elevates everything next level.
Kelly Webb
Holistic Guide & Creator of Soul Code Mumma
When we started it was really hard for me to be visible as myself. Three months have passed now and this group has seen me. I’ve really come into feeling safe to be visible as myself. Being seen by soul sisters allowed me to know that no matter who I’m around I’m safe. That helped me step into my next however many layers up of being able to help other people also feel safe.  I can now create containers of that safety for for my own clients because now I have clients. Three months ago I didn’t think anyone would want to get help from me. And now people are getting help from me. I’m getting crazy, amazing results in my life.
Jeanie Mcelroy
Quantum Sound Healer
During my time so far, I’ve really been able to step into my confidence as a leader. I’m owning my role as an soulpreneur and business mentor. I’ve been mentoring a new business partner; inspiring & guiding her to step into her own confidence as we learn & grow together. I’ve had a goal to move my essential oil classes online and was able to deliver my first FB Live class with confidence. I was able to express my magic & communicate my message with ease. I’ve also been able to create (and stick to) boundaries around my own needs, which has sparked huge shifts! We’re not done yet, but I’m grateful to have clarity around the residual blocks I still have that I get to allow myself to release and clear.
Laurie Gattafoni
Soulpreneur at Essentially Stoked

What kinds of topics can I expect to learn?

Our upcoming trainings include topics such as:

    • The Magic of Ceremony – creating powerful ceremonies of transformation and expansion for yourself and others

    • The Art of Masculine & Feminine Interaction – how to ask for (and get) what you need

    • How we take our bodies on this journey of spiritual expansion

    • How to rewire the neuro-connection matrix of the brain

    • Using the power of breath to activate your pineal gland, shift your emotions and clear stuck energy from the body

    • Bite sized Maven Numerology

    • Walking Your Brave Path – with courage & confidence

    • Activating Abundance on all levels

    • And so much more