If you’re done feeling overwhelmed, disappointed & burntout by your business and you can’t figure out why it’s not working when you know you’re here to make a massive impact & income


After spending years studying what motivates people (first as a project manager running teams of 60+ people, and then as a business and transformation coach for entrepreneurs) and building my own successful businesses, one thing I’ve learned is that most people are trying to force themselves to do things that will never work for them.

You’re going to want to take note of what I’m about to tell you because it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever learn and if you get it right now it’ll save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of heartache and frustration.

Where most people think they have an ability problem (they think they’re not good enough, smart enough, famous enough, or dedicated enough to make their business ultra-successful) what they’re missing is the crucial step that comes before anything else.


Without a clear understanding of your unique energetic signature and a deep connection to your core desires, you cannot build a business that has the impact and income you desire while leaving you feeling energized and excited for life.

To grow your business without burnout you must master the foundations of energetics and be clearly connected to your mission.

But there’s a problem:

You don’t understand what makes you tick so you keep trying different structures and strategies hoping you’ll find the one that helps you show up consistently, only to reach overwhelm and burnout time after time, beating yourself up because “everyone else” makes it look so easy.

You aren’t sure what you’re here to do so you keep throwing different products and services at the wall hoping to find something that sticks with your audience, but this is leaving your prospective clients (and you) unclear about who you are, what you do, and why they should buy from you.

You’ve lost the excitement you once felt for your business, no longer eager to “get to work” you now find yourself having to rely heavily on willpower to force yourself to show up in your business at all.

You don’t have a clearly defined roadmap for your business success and find yourself wasting time and energy on things that aren’t moving you and your business forward.

You’re secretly wondering if you’re ever going to reach your potential and become the unstoppable force you’ve always thought you were meant to be and wondering if you should just give up now.

The people who do engage with you seem unsure of working with you, need extra convincing, and usually aren’t even the type of clients that you are most excited to work with.

say goodbye to trying so hard

without the results you crave

  • Not understanding your energetic signature keeps you looping through the cycle of pushing yourself to burnout one minute, followed by not showing up at all the next, resulting in feeling disappointed in yourself
  • You’re constantly trying to build your business someone else’s way and it is leaving you feeling incapable and confused as to why it’s not working
  • Then you feel paralyzed with uncertainty, unable to make a move at all because you have ZERO faith it’s going to work for you this time
  • You have a deep inner knowing you’re meant to be doing this but it’s rapidly being drowned out by the “evidence” that it’s not possible for you so you’re starting to wonder if you should just quit and save yourself the heartache

Your unique success formula is the secret sauce to building a successful business without the burnout

It’s how you harness the power of your unique energetic signature, coupled with what drives you to become an unstoppable force.

What’s going to happen to your business if you don’t put yours to work for you?

  • Without it, you’ll continue to struggle to find your rhythm
  • You’ll continue doubting your abilities, products, and services
  • And you’ll keep looking outside of yourself for the “right way” never realizing your full potential

A business built on your unique success formula:

  • Increases your confidence in your products/services and yourself which results in more sales and soul-aligned clients with ease
  • Connects you deeply into your soul purpose and leads you to realize your potential in order to have a massive positive impact on humanity
  • Relies on the magic of your unique energetic blueprint so you show up energized, on-fire, and irresistibly magnetic to your people which draw the perfect clients to you
  • Has you jumping out of bed excited for what the day will bring, delighted by the magic of life
  • Has you becoming an unstoppable force for good, allowing you to create the impact and income you desire
  • Fills your cup with juicy goodness and a zest for life with clear energetic boundaries and soul honoring experiences

Your unique success formula creates energetic shifts and rapid alignment with the badass revolutionary you came here to be

It’s the framework for embodying your magic, taking you to new heights

You KNOW you’re here to change the world.

I’m here to help you make it happen.


Soulful Goals

A 6-week immersive experience where we help you understand your unique energetic signature and tap deeper into your soul path to create your unique success formula to allow you to grow your business to life-changing heights without burnout.

Pillar 1: Energetics

Master the laws of the universe and your own unique energetic signature.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about your energetic makeup and how it fits in our energetic world to show up from a place of overflow and become an energetic match for your dreams.

Pillar 2: Soul

Connect to your soul desires which activate the powers of your intrinsic motivation, pulling you forward into realizing your soul potential.

Your soul is powerful beyond measure.  You’ll uncover everything you need to be in complete alignment with and embodiment of her power.

Pillar 3: Structure

Ensure you’re setting yourself up for continued success.  Structure is the masculine support your feminine creative power requires to thrive.

We’ll walk you through building out the perfect structure to support you.  Nothing prescriptive here – we’ll take everything you’ve learned about yourself and build the structure that has you jumping for joy.

You’ll receive:

  • A personalized energetic blueprint reading based on your unique coding describing exactly how your energy flows, what to do to recharge, how to eat, and exercise to support a healthy body and mind.  It will include specific practices, mantras, and cycles unique to you.

We’ll walk you through:

  • Discovering and defining your core desires in business and life
  • Creating a roadmap specific to reaching your goals in a way that leaves you energized and excited (no more wondering what to do and how to do it to build a thriving business

Module 1

Creating Achievable Goals from Your Core Desires and Soul Intentions

  • Uncover core desires that pull you forward into successful creation instead of struggling to find the energy and drive to show up 
  • Learn to turn your desires into powerful intentions so that the creative force of the universe realigns reality to meet your expectations
  • Turn your intentions into soul goals to uncover the inspired, aligned actions you get to take to quantum leap your business (and life) forward

Module 2

Harness the power and freedom of your Unique Energetic Blueprint

  • Understand your unique energetic blueprint to eliminate overwhelm, loss of energy, and burnout and allow your business to fill your cup
  • Learn to read your personalized energy report so you can harness your power instead of wasting it
  • Learn how to test if you’re having an energy problem (need to rest, recharge, & reset) or if it’s an upper limit problem (sabotaging yourself to stay in your unconscious comfort zone)

Module 3

Harnessing the Power of Masculine Structures to Unleash Your Feminine Creative Flow

  • Create the structures and habits that make it easy and fun for you to show up in your business to create the massive impact and income you crave
  • Learn how to tell if you’re your energy is out of balance and how to correct it to create the results you desire
  • Learn how to tap into your intuition for the guidance you need to create results from soul, and how to bring that guidance into the physical through aligned, inspired actions 

Module 4

Money, Mindset, & Manifestation

  • Create an unshakable belief system that boosts your confidence and has you attracting the clients, opportunities, and wealth you desire
  • Learn the secrets behind the money mindset of ultra-successful, ultra-wealthy people that has allowed them to create massive results in life and business
  • Move beyond your comfort zone to actually change your reality by embodying the version of you that is able to physically hold everything you’ve been dreaming about

Module 5

Build YOUR Roadmap for the Future Now

  • Learn the secrets of inspired, aligned action now (hint: you don’t have to wait for inspiration to strike)
  • Map out a future you believe in 1000% aligning your creative energy to it already being done, allowing you to pull your future vision into now
  • Rely on your roadmap every day to have the direction and structure you need to continue to create results beyond your wildest dreams

Module 6

Say Bye-Bye to Self-Sabotage

  • Learn to easily recognize and release self-sabotage patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Make massive leaps in your business because you are no longer secretly holding yourself back
  • Learn the 5 most common self-sabotage patterns and what to do about them


Bonus 1: Audio Activation Series ($333 value)

Recorded audio activations to:

  • Tap deeper into your soul
  • Embody the leader within
  • Build confidence while you sleep

Bonus 2: Attracting Soulmate Clients Training ($397 value)

Learn how to attract the clients you deeply desire to work with, with ease

Bonus 3: Done-for-you templates ($199 value)

Templates for:

  • Setting & prioritizing goals
  • Creating a roadmap for success

You are a powerfully unique being, are you ready to harness that power for good?

Making massive changes in the way you’re BEING in the world can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone.  

As soon as you join you get access to an exclusive community of changemakers and visionaries going BIG in life and business.  This is one of the most amazing communities out there, and they’re waiting to cheer you on.


Hi, I’m Erica and I love helping heart-centered humans here with big missions find their magic and mojo to build businesses that change the world AND leave you feeling fulfilled, happy, and energized.

I’ve spent 20+ years learning everything there is to know about human drive, motivation, and the energy of the universe. 

I’ve run teams of 60+ people on mission-critical, multi-million dollar projects where getting people to show up and give their best was mandatory to project success.

I’ve coached six and seven-figure entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, healers, and consultants on how to increase their income and impact without sacrificing their fulfillment and flow.

I hold certifications in:

  • Quantum Healing
  • Laser Success Coaching
  • Project Management Professional
  • Business Analysis

I have dedicated my life to being the bridge between masculine structure and feminine flow because I know it’s in this beautiful balance that we (and our businesses) flourish.


As a special bonus when you choose the pay-in-full option you’ll receive a 1-on-1 Roadmapping session where together we will lay out the perfect roadmap for you to achieve your #1 goal

This program is specifically for people who have or want to build a business.  If you don’t have one now but want to build one this is for you.  This business does not have to be your main source of income but should be something you’re passionate about.

Yes!  Everything in Soulful Goals can be used for any kind of business, as long as it is something that you are passionate about and interested in growing.

The program is only 6 weeks long, but you will get out what you put into it.  You’ll retain life time access to the material, but for the 6 weeks we are together you have my support in working through everything you need to in order to put your plan together and start reaching your goals.  

Plan to invest at least a few hours per week to start.


You have two options:

  • One time payment $1200
  • 4x monthly payments of $333

Click the Join Now button, choose your payment option and fill out the form.

You’ll receive an email with your login details and more information.  once you receive that email login to your membership portal to get started.

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