Are you ready to heal your relationship with money?

The 6 week intensive for spiritual entrepreneurs ready to get paid

I see you.  You’re out there doing amazing work in the world, helping people, making a positive difference for humanity.

You care deeply about what’s happening and followed the nudge to step deeply into your purpose, raising your hand and saying yes to your soul mission.

So why is your bank account running on empty?

I’m guessing you’re tired of:

  • Wondering why it feels so hard, why aren’t people lining up in your inbox to buy from you?
  • Being stuck in a loop – feeling high vibe and magical one minute, only to come crashing down the next when the power bill is due.
  • Looking around and seeing all the people you know who have “cracked the code” and wondering what they have that you don’t?
  • Wasting energy worrying about money when you’d rather direct that energy to helping more people.

I get it because I’ve been there too. I’m here to tell you – it doesn’t have to be this way.

Hi, I’m Erica and I love helping spiritual entrepreneurs heal their relationship with money so that they can focus on what really matters to them – helping more people.

I know what it feels like to deeply desire to focus on service and contribution only to have those debilitating thoughts about when and how the next payment will come through to pay your bills on time.

Or wanting to invest more into your business so that you can have the support you need to break through that cash ceiling and start helping those thousands of people you know you’re here to impact.

I’d tried all the mindset tips and tricks, manifestation hacks, and business strategies only to be confused why I was stuck on this roller coaster ride of having money coming in one minute and none the next.

I craved consistency and I knew to get it something had to change.

That old Albert Einstein saying popped into my head – “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

I realized that I was doing all the right things but my results were showing me a deep underlying problem with money that was holding me back.

It turns out that until we have a healthy relationship with money, it’s damn near impossible to have the money we desire – without sacrifice.

So I started exploring what my relationship with money was really like.

I explored my experiences with money throughout this lifetime.

I looked at my family’s beliefs and experiences about money.

I got curious about societal standards and programming around money.

I got crystal clear about the kind of trauma I had running under the surface about what money meant, the kind of person it made me, and how come I didn’t trust it one bit.

And here’s what I found – I had a shit ton of programming running subconsciously that had me blocking money from coming in consistently with ease.

No wonder it wasn’t showing up.  I was energetically saying go away.

And when I started clearing THAT guess what happened?

  • I started selling 6 month coaching packages for $22,000 each
  • My visibility started growing exponentially
  • I stopped giving my time and services away for free

And it wasn’t just working for me.  When I started using these same healing techniques with my 1-on-1 clients they started getting massive financial breakthroughs too!

  • One client started having consistent $25,000+ months!
  • Another sold her first 5 sessions in her business in a week!
  • Another received the biggest lump sum of cash she’d ever received in her life – $12,000!
The secret to breaking through to financial abundance is healing your relationship with money

If you’re here chances are that you:

  • Have tried the manifestation strategies taught by the gurus and still aren’t seeing the financial results you desire
  • So you started hustling hard trying to create it the old fashioned way, only to feel overwhelmed, drained and confused
  • Maybe you’re even starting to wonder if this is really for you or if you should just give up and go back to the “real world”

The truth is you CAN do this.  Please, don’t give up.  It’s time to heal your relationship with money so the two of you can be besties for life.

How would it feel to be writing messages like these in just 6 short weeks?

“I wanted to share my April income was $21,000.  You helped me clear so much money crap!”

“I just received $12,000.  I’ve never made that kind of money ever at one time.  I just feel like you helped me manifest that money.  You really helped hold space and believe in me.”

“I just got a notice that I have not one but TWO unexpected checks coming in the mail!”

“After our session last month I’m paying all my bills with extra in the bank!  I can’t thank you enough. I can’t describe how you do what you do but it is amazing!”

I don’t know how to describe the magic of what you do, but you’re able to help me bring up what needs to be cleared and released (that I didn’t even know was there) and quickly shift into the next level of myself that i’m wanting to become. It’s so crazy how quick it happens!!

Every time you see someone else accomplish something you desire it’s proof that it is possible for you too.

Imagine being the one everyone else is looking to for inspiration…

Because now you can.


Heal Your Relationship with Money

The 6 week intensive for spiritual entrepreneurs ready to get paid

The instant you sign up you’ll have access to 3 weeks worth of bite-sized video modules and audio processes delivered to you to identify the sub-conscious programming you have running under the surface blocking money from coming to you.

You’ll also instantly have access to powerful, recorded healing processes to rewire, release and heal your relationship with money for good.

By the end of the modules you’ll wonder why money used to seem so hard.

By identifying and releasing subconscious programming in six different areas we’ll take you from the roller coaster ride to full ease and trust in your BFF money:

Self/Experiential: subconscious patterns & programming based on your experiences with money in this lifetime

Physical: money trauma stored in your physical body

Past Life: karmic connections to money

Ancestral: generational money patterns passed down from past generational experiences

Familial: familial inheritance money trauma

Societal: subconscious programming instilled by the society we live in

Join now and get access today

What’s included in the intensive?
  • 21 training modules that walk you through identifying everything that’s subconsciously sabotaging your relationship with money
  • Clearly defined work for each module so you know exactly what to do and how to do it
  • Recorded audio processes for releasing and rewiring your relationship to money
  • Private Facebook group where you can interact with your fellow light leaders on this journey, ask questions, be witnessed and supported
  • 6 recorded group healing sessions to release and rewire your money story for good
  • Lifetime access to all program materials, recorded audio activations, and recordings of the group sessions as well as any future updates/expansions to the program

Plus when you choose the pay in full option you’ll receive these bonuses:

Two custom crafted essential oil blends to support you on your journey:


This powerful blend is formulated to clear negative emotions and blockages from your field, to encourage and empower you to achieve your goals and aspirations and call in the SUCCESS that you truly desire.

Utilising the potent power of 19 different essential oils, SUCCESS helps to identify any underlying emotions such as anxiety, stress, overwhelm, doubt, fear and despair. 

Transmuting any negativity, insecurity, scarcity, confusion or fatigue, SUCCESS will leave you feeling hopeful, optimistic, clear and focused on what it is you want to achieve.

A successful person is often described as courageous, capable, committed and determined. In reminding you that you ARE all of these traits, SUCCESS keeps you inspired, connected and aligned with your true, authentic nature throughout the pursuit of your goal. It provides you with a feeling of safety and protection as you reach for the stars. It offers you the nurturing, love and support you require as you complete you mission.  In opening up your field with this blend, you now call in more joy, more abundance, more fulfilment, more SUCCESS!


This beautiful blend encourages us to get clear with what we want and what we need before assisting in removing the blocks and traumas that stand between what it is we want and what we currently have.

Because until we are ready to process and shift these densities from our field, we can never fully manifest what we truly desire.

This powerful mix of 13 Essential Oils, transmutes limiting beliefs, negative patterns of self sabotage, guilt, shame, inherited beliefs or surrogated values from others, before calling in the powerful components of manifestation such as patience, surrender, love and trust, worthiness, gratitude and abundance.

This invigorating, inspiring blend encourages us to stay in flow, let go of the control and realise the true magic of powerful manifestation practices.

If now is your time to call in everything you have ever wanted, it’s MANIFESTATION time!

Join now and get access today:

Frequently asked questions:

No!  This is a deep healing journey to return your relationship with money to it’s natural state – one of full trust and abundance.  We will be doing powerful channeled processes that go way beyond the mind.

Yes!  This isn’t like most of the money courses out there telling you to get your mind right and watch the money show up, instead it actually helps you shift your energy and relationship to money.  Like that old saying – when the student is ready the master appears – I believe we are led to what we need when we need it.  Since you’re here I’d close your eyes and go within – is your soul telling you to go for it?  If so, I’d say this is the right place for you.

It’s both.  The first 3 weeks are self-paced, self-study modules for you to do on your own.  During the final 3 weeks of the intensive you’ll be joining your fellow students and me in online live group healing sessions to release and rewire everything you’ve uncovered (and more) to truly heal your relationship with money.

After using these techniques and processes with my private 1:1 clients I’ve seen these women make massive, rapid shifts in their financial realities.  As mentioned above, you’re here for a reason.  If you feel the pull, I’d trust it.  That’s what I’ve done (I’ve invested hundreds of thousands on mentorship) and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

I get how you might be feeling right now.  It can feel hard to choose to invest more money when you’ve been feeling like money is letting you down.  I get it.  Before I made a single dollar in this business I invested tens of thousands of dollars into mentorship and programs.  I thought for sure that very first investment would be all I needed to change everything.  But it wasn’t.  I made more investments before I could see any pay off for that first one.  From where I’m standing now, everyone of those investments led me here.  I’m glad I listened to the nudge and I believe you will be too.


Remember that Albert Einstein quote we talked about – it might be time to do something different if you want a different result.