In June 2020 I was having a deep conversation with a close friend of mine who is also a coach.  She was sobbing on my screen as she was telling me how stuck she felt.  We were surrounded by highly successful, highly motivated, highly impactful women being examples of what is possible, but my friend couldn’t see herself in any of them.  

Instead what she was experiencing was a paralysis-inducing level of imposter syndrome.  She literally couldn’t make a move in her business because she was terrified of being found out as a fraud and she no longer believed she had anything to offer. 

So instead, she had been investing in more mentors, certifications, and business programs.

But the investments weren’t paying off.  Several years into this journey, and instead of feeling more capable she just felt more pressure to “figure it out” because of the mounting debt and the time invested.

Imposter syndrome is a serious mind fuck.  

Regardless of what your dreams are, if you can’t get past the feelings of being an imposter, a fraud, you’ll never step into the person you were born to be.

We think what we need is more knowledge, experience, or endorsement to make this feeling go away.  That some source of external validation will change the way we feel about ourselves and put us in a new light.

But there’s a fundamental flaw in that philosophy.

True change doesn’t occur through doing.

It occurs through being.  

And being isn’t out there.  It’s an internal state.  One that we choose to experience.  The more we insist on taking external action instead of shifting our internal state, the longer it takes to change.  Read that again.

If we look deeper we realize that imposter syndrome is a response to the belief that we will be exposed as a fraud.  That the world will realize we aren’t who they think we are.  

And when they do we will be ridiculed, outcast, attacked.

We feel anxious, fearful, & trapped by what we think is the inevitable outcome when the truth is found out.

But is it the truth?  Are you an imposter?


The “truth” (our belief that we’re a fraud) is a distorted perception served up by our own internal, skewed view of ourselves.

The real problem isn’t that you’re a fraud and if you aren’t careful you’re going to be found out.

The real problem isn’t about who you ARE at all.

The real problem is who you believe you AREN’T.

It’s only your perception of yourself that causes the imposter syndrome.  WTF?

Why?  Because you’re clinging to the belief that you know yourself best.  

BUT YOU DON’T.  You can’t.  You are filled with experiences, emotions, and stories that have you seeing yourself a certain way.  You’ve lost your perspective.  You’re too close to be able to see objectively.  

And that means your perception can’t be trusted.

My friend was surrounded by powerful, capable, fantastic women who could see just how powerful, capable, and fantastic she was.  They (myself included) were consistently cheering her on and telling her what magic they saw in her.

But from her limited perspective, she didn’t believe them because she was convinced they couldn’t see the real her.

Until she opened her mind to the possibility that they might be right and she might be wrong.

Do you know what happened when she decided to believe them instead of herself?

She started showing up in her life and business as the capable, powerful, successful, fantastic woman she is.

Her business took off.

Her love life flourished.

Everything started to fall into place (as if by magic).

She didn’t DO anything different.  She simply changed her state of BEING.

Imposter syndrome isn’t based on fact.  It’s based on fear and a distorted view of ourselves.

Just for a moment, consider the possibility that those people in your life who keep telling you how magnificent you are, actually see the real you.   

Let their belief hold you up until you can see it for yourself and watch the magic unfold.


3 Things I Learned Building Two Very Different Businesses: Lessons for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

What’s so different about being a spiritual entrepreneur vs being a regular ol’ businesswoman? In this lifetime I’ve built two very different businesses in two drastically different ways. Only by doing this did I learn 3 very important lessons for spiritual entrepreneurs.

The first business I owned was a very traditional business built the “normal” way (don’t get me started on normal).  The second is spiritually focused, soul-led, heart-centered and I built it very differently. Here’s what I’ve learned.  

First, let’s get this clear – I made mistakes in both and celebrated successes in both. That’s life baby, you’ve gotta roll with the punches. It’s a journey, and that means you will learn and grow over time.

Lesson 1: Be willing to try things and learn from your mistakes.

In my first business I was focused on bringing value to the companies I worked with by using my expertise, learned skills, and hard work. I worked my way up through my field, building a reputation as a dedicated, smart, driven gal who knew her shit. I put my time in. I poured my blood, sweat and tears into the contracts I landed. I looked outside of myself to hone my skills and backed it up with pieces of paper that said I was qualified to do what I did.

You know – the way we’re “supposed” to do it.

And it worked. I did build a successful company. But oh man, was the price too high! It cost me my own well-being. I felt confused and lost that the things I THOUGHT would make it all perfect were actually leading me into frustration, depression, and an overall sense of despair.

But I’m no quitter. So I decided to try something new: my second (current) company was born from a deep soul pull to quit working for a living and start serving my purpose. To do something that truly mattered. I’m a bit crazy so I jumped before the landing was ready and went all in.

It was a complete 180 from the previous business. I did deep inner work, got crystal clear on who I was here to help and why, and completely discarded anything I’d learned in my previous life. I pretty much shunned all talk of strategy and put all of my skills on the shelf. I dove head first into clearing my channel, embracing my galactic (i.e. weird) gifts, and waited around for the call to step into aligned action.

Uhhhhh, no.

I’m a fantastic project manager and pretty epic at product development, but there I was sitting on my meditation pillow waiting for inspiration to strike while the money was running out. Cue money mindset fuckery.

I felt like a failure. A loser. Had I just made one of the biggest mistakes of my life? I realized something REALLY wasn’t working. People weren’t beating down my door to work with me even though I was posting on social media.

All my mentors said success was 80% an internal game, so why wasn’t it working? …Oh wait. 80%, not 100%. And apparently that other 20% required more than just randomly posting something that felt good.

Lesson 2: 80% inner work. 20% strategy.

We live in a physical world. That means that we get to and have to show up in the physical world. Do people slide into my DM’s wanting to work with me? Yes, they do. Do people jump onto a free call with me just to hire me on the spot? Yes, that happens.

Am I going to build a 7 figure business this way? Maybe if I didn’t need to feel like I had done something to deserve it – then maybe that would be possible. You see, I think we need the action, the journey, to become the version of ourselves that can actually hold something like that in our reality.

80% inner work. 20% strategy. After realizing this, I got to work. I took action grounded in guidance. Every action I took bred more clarity. On my mission. On the problems my clients want help with. Clarity on who I am and why I’m uniquely qualified to do the work I do. On who I’m here to help and how best I can help them achieve their dreams.  Clarity on what works in my business and what doesn’t.

You see, every bit of action I took wasn’t the most perfectly delivered soul aligned action.  It was the right next step I needed for my growth and expansion into the soulful spiritual entrepreneur I’ve become. Oh, and it reminded me how much I LOVE being in action. I’d forgotten how good it felt to accomplish things that matter to me.

So, what have I learned from having two very different businesses? It can all be summed up with my favorite lesson for spiritual entrepreneurs:

Lesson 3: Balance is the key.

Soul-led, physically created. In this 3D world we live in we need both to be fulfilled at our core. For more, read my other blog “The sweet spot is in the balance.

What a beautiful journey it is.

If you need help finding your balance, don’t hesitate to reach out!
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The sweet spot is in the balance

At the gym this morning I was thinking about the perfect balance of alignment, action, and awareness that allows you to manifest what you desire.

When you want to get fit what do you do? 

Do you lay around at home, thinking positive thoughts while eating a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream and waiting for your hot body to show up?

Probably not.  If you’ve tried it you’ve found it doesn’t work that well for most of us.

You know that it requires some action on your part.

Okay, let’s take action.

So do you head to the gym on a whim, throw some weights around for a few minutes and then head home to consume that tub of ice cream?

Again, probably not.

Because you also know it requires some planning.

It isn’t just action that’s important, it’s the right action at the right time.

So you come up with a plan.

You decide what types of workouts you’re going to do and when you’re going to do them.

You decide what you’re going to eat and when you’re going to eat it.

You decide how and when you’re going to track your progress.

Great, you have a plan.

Now you take the action.

You do the workouts.

You prep and eat the food.

You track your progress.

And you continue to take action until you see results because you also know consistency is important.  Changing your diet and exercising for a week isn’t going to get you those six pack abs.

So what if you follow your plan for four weeks only to find you’ve gained 20 pounds?

Will you keep going with the same plan for another six months hoping for a better result?

Probably not.

Instead you change up the plan and see what happens, monitoring your progress and adjusting as needed until you see that six pack.




The trifecta of manifestation.

The trifecta of life.

We are all powerful co-creators but so many of us are missing one or more of the pillars of the triangle.

It isn’t always the same pillar.

Sometimes we bounce from pillar to pillar hoping something sticks.  We focus on action for awhile, then fall back into working on our energetic alignment without listening to the nudges to take action.  Or we get so attached to our plan we’re unable to see what isn’t working and adjust.

The sweet spot is in the balance.

Find your balance.

Be the observer of yourself and your patterns.  And adjust from there.

If you can’t see it then find someone who can.

For your body get a workout program, hire a trainer, purchase healthy meals from a food delivery company.

For your mind read a book, purchase a program, find an accountability partner, hire a coach or find a mentor.

For your soul listen to a podcast, find a spiritual mentor, go to a retreat, hire a healer.

Whatever feels right for you, do that.

But remember that nothing changes by sitting on the couch eating that tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream while wishing that things were different.


Little girl

There once was a little girl.  She believe in magic.  In fairies flitting in the forest.  In guardian angels looking over us.  She believed in her place in the world.  She believed we are all meant for something.  She believed she could do anything, that nothing was impossible.

The little girl moved through the world with an open heart and a fearless step for she knew all people are love, light, and support.

Sometimes the little girl would encounter puzzling things.  Things that seemed in opposition of her view of the world.  But the little girl was sure the world was safe and beautiful and so she persisted with a skip in her step and a song in her heart.

But as the girl grew she had more and more experiences that made her pause.  And over time they started to change her.

She trusted less and questioned more.

She skipped less and watched more.

She tested her way through the world, waiting and watching to see the reactions.

Little by little she closed off parts of herself because they were dumb, childish, stupid, or weird.  Because they were lame, selfish, ridiculous, or impossible.

Over time the girl was no longer sure who she was.

She knew she still loved people but she was afraid of them.

She knew humanity was born of love but she saw so much hate.

She knew there was so much more available but she had no idea how to access it.

As the girl grew her heart hurt.  She had many life experiences, amazing and terrible and everywhere in between, but she never felt complete.

Slowly she realized she was no longer herself, whoever that was.

The girl knew in her heart that this was not how she was supposed to feel.

So the not so little girl made a choice to find another way.

And the not so little girl dug and searched and ran and fell and jumped and cried and wondered and laughed and lost and never gave up until she skipped again.

What she found was not at all what she expected.

Buried under all the years.  Under all the experiences, traumas, learnings, and life she found the little girl who had been right there all along.  And the not so little girl realized that she was not here to be shaped by the opinions and beliefs of others.

She had never been intended to follow the path of another…for she was the lighthouse.

And off she went into the world shining light into the darkness.



Some days I’m tired.

Some days I just don’t want to.

I’ve reinvented myself more times than I can count.  I’ve had little breakthroughs and major ones.  I’ve created a pretty amazing life and I’m proud of who I have become.

But I know I’m not done.

I know I am meant to do more.

I know I am meant to be more.

I know I am meant to experience more.

I know I am meant to teach more.

But some days I’m tired.  Some days I question my sanity.  Some days I wonder if its really worth it.

Because it would be so much easier if I was just content with where I’m at.

It would be so much easier if I didn’t care as much.

It would be so much easier if I didn’t feel as much.

It would be so much easier if I didn’t feel inspired to be more.

But I do.

Do you ever feel that way?

Do you know you are here to do big things but you aren’t sure of the next step?

Do you feel a calling in your soul but it just feels too hard sometimes?

Do you feel pulled to expand more but question your sanity?

Do you desire to make an impact but you just don’t know how?

If this sounds like you I’m talking to you.

The world needs more leaders.

More lighthouses.

More examples.

It is worth it.  Even when we are tired or confused or unsure of ourselves.

Even when we lack confidence, or feel distracted, or don’t have a clue what to do next.

If this is you…

I see you.

I feel you.

I love you.

I am here for you.

You aren’t in this alone.

Let’s chat about how I can support you on your journey to being the beautiful leader you are destined to become.

Don’t give up.  You’ve got this.