I’ve grown bored with predictability

In my 44 years, I’ve done some amazing things. I’ve prided myself on my intelligence, resourcefulness, & commitment. But I’ve grown ridiculously bored with figuring things out. With being able to predict outcomes.

And really with my own limited ability to dream.

I crave the feeling of having my mind blown on a daily basis. Of having things work out so much better than I could have expected.

I believe deeply in the magic of this universe, this life. And it’s magic I want more of.

So I’ve decided to commit my life to that. To open more fully to magic.

I want surprise, delight, & wonder.

Walking through life with my eyes open, knowing something magical is about to happen. Something so good I could never have thought of it on my own.

That feeling of expectation. The butterflies. The giddiness. I’ve had glimpses of it. And I want more.

I’ve grown sick of the rules.

I don’t want to consciously manifest every detail of my life from the limited perspective of my mind. I want to be surprised. On the daily.

I’m committed to magic. And to receiving miracles. No more rules. Or limitations. No more boredom.

A full unleashing of my soul. Of the power and magic and wonder that’s wanting to flow through me.

These are the spaces and experiences I’m cultivating. For myself. For my community. For you. Feeling the pull to magic and miracles? You’re in the right place.