Quantum Leaping in Life & Business

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Mondays are one of my fav days of the week because I’m part of a Magic & Manifestation room on Clubhouse. Every Monday at 1 PM mountain time I hang out with some of my favorite people and we riff on all things magic and manifestation in our lives and businesses.

As you probably know magic is one of my most treasured core desired experiences.

During yesterday’s chat, we were deep-diving into quantum leaps. What are they, what do they feel like, how have we created them? It was a juicy and delightful conversation. I shared a story that I realized I haven’t shared with you yet. And it is gooooood.

In September 2019 I had set an income goal in my business that I was running hard for. It was a milestone I was dying to hit. At this point, I can’t even remember what the dollar amount was, but I do remember how attached I was to creating it. I’d made it mean all kinds of things about me.

  • If I don’t hit it I’m a failure
  • If I do hit it I’m a success
  • If I don’t hit it then all this manifestation talk must be bullshit (even though I already had all kinds of evidence to the contrary)
  • If I don’t hit it there is definitely something wrong with me
  • If I don’t hit it I must not be in alignment with my purpose
  • If I do hit it I’ll be able to easily create everything I’ve ever desired right now
  • If I don’t hit it everyone else is better than me
  • If I don’t hit it I’ll never make any money again and we will be destitute and living on the streets (drama queen much?)

And on and on and on…

I had created all this pressure on myself to deliver the exact dollar amount specifically through my business.

And guess what…it was really looking like it wasn’t going to happen no matter what I did. I was spinning out, trying to figure out how to make it happen, putting in the hours and the effort both in action and the inner work.

I was in a state of force and desperation.

I clearly remember the exact moment when I got frustrated with myself, threw my hands up, and said forget it. Actually what I said was “oh for fuck sake, forget it”. And I went and took a nap.

And that’s when the quantum leap happened.

While I was asleep on my couch, snuggled up under my blanket with my adorable dog at my feet, I was out of the way and the Universe got to work.​

I woke up to not 1, not 2, but 3 messages from new clients saying yes!

Clients that had been telling me they couldn’t afford it, they didn’t have the time, it wasn’t the right time because of whatever… Suddenly, in the space of 30 minutes, decided to reach out to me to say yes and get started.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in coincidence. Not in the face of that much evidence.

There’s a lot of talk about quantum leaps, but there’s a huge misconception about what they are and how they happen.

Quantum leaps, by definition, defy explanation. They are shifts in reality so big that you couldn’t have made them happen if you’d tried. I couldn’t have figured out a way to find and sell 3 clients into high-level packages in 30 minutes. It’s impossible, it wouldn’t have been enough time.

But quantum leaps don’t make logical sense. If they did they’d be normal progressions 🤣

So how did I create this quantum leap?

  1. I was clear on the desire. I knew what I wanted. And this wasn’t so much about the exact dollar amount. What I wanted was to blow away my previous income in this business and show myself how easy it could be. I wanted to experience magic and miracles (which I obviously couldn’t if I engineered the how)
  2. I got out of the way. By throwing my hands up I inadvertently released all attachment and energetic control around how it had to happen. I let go and the Universe was able to step in and get shit done. And when I did that it happened quick.

That’s it. A two-step process to everything you desire.

And it can be easy when we let it.

This is where you’re probably expecting me to say and we all lived happily ever after, millions in the bank account, huge smiles on our faces, safe in the knowledge that we know exactly how to quantum leap whenever we want.

But the story doesn’t quite end like that.

I’ve gone on to use this two-step process to mixed results. Why? Because there are times when I tried to use it to control the outcome. Trying to force me to get out of the way so that I get the results I want.

Do you see the problem with that? It’s another form of attachment and control.

You can’t get out of the way and control the outcome. Those two states are mutually exclusive.

Our minds are brilliant, sneaky, problem-solving machines. Manipulative little bastards sometimes 🤣

And mine was manipulating me right into not letting things be easy.

So I went to my body instead. When I relive the experience of the quantum leap I shared with you, I can still feel what it felt like to throw up my hands. There was a rushing release of energy and space, a void, opened up in my body. It felt roomy in there.

I know now that’s what it feels like to me when I release attachment and make room to receive my desires.

It’s the pre-state to getting everything I’m asking for.

So for me to create quantum leaps I need that feeling. I know I’m on the right track when I feel it and my only job is to do something that lets me stay out of the way – like taking a nap, working out, or having a fantastic meal with family and friends.

Distraction and joy keep me from ruining it and hold me in a state of allowing until it’s done and I can see the evidence around me.

And now I really can engineer quantum leaps in my life, because I know how it works for me.

But we are all individual, powerful beings. And while the two-step process is the same for all of us, how we experience it might not be.

Have you created a quantum leap in your life? What did it look like? Feel like? What does it feel like to you when you release attachment and get in a state of receiving?

Not sure? This is one of the powerful processes I’m teaching in my high-level group experience over the next 12 months.

If you want to learn to predictably quantum leap your life I can’t wait to show you how. Inside of an intimate group container we’re going to deep dive into the unique way you cultivate and experience quantum leaps. It’s so freaking juicy.

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So come join us and watch how juicy and exciting your life gets.

What have you got to lose except your limitations?

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I love you.

Mwuah 💋