Back in October 2020, one of my clients came to me upset because her relationship was falling apart. We’d been working together for several months and during that time her business had been taking off. She’d just tripled her highest month of income and now she was frustrated because she and her spouse were fighting non-stop.

“Why is he being like this? Can’t he just be happy for me? Why is he undermining my happiness when things are going so well? Do you think he’s threatened by my success?”

My response – it’s not him, it’s you.


You see, she didn’t have a relationship problem.

She had a comfort zone problem.

She wasn’t comfortable with things being that good in her life. It was making her nervous, even if she didn’t realize it.

She liked the money and the way business was going. But she wasn’t comfortable with everything going so well. To make sure the money didn’t end her subconscious came up with a solution. In order to keep the money and still feel safe she needed a different problem.  Her subconscious saved her by sabotaging her relationship and it unknowingly became the sacrificial lamb to her business success.


Because she subconsciously believed that if things were too good for her she was tempting fate. That it was just a matter of time before the proverbial other shoe dropped.

This subconscious programming isn’t rare. We’ve been taught to believe that it’s not safe because that’s not how life works. That if things are going that well there must be a catastrophe on the horizon.

That suffering is the normal human condition and if we aren’t suffering it’s only a matter of time.

To keep us safe our subconscious chooses our form of suffering so something even worse doesn’t happen to us. 

We choose our bad.

  • Bickering in our relationship instead of a debilitating accident
  • Money problems over divorce
  • Issues with our weight over poverty

And when something starts going really well in one area of our lives we can find ourselves in the same boat as my client – wondering why we suddenly have problems in another area (where we used to have our shit together).

If we don’t realize that what we’re facing is a comfort zone problem we blame the other person, fate, or the economy for our sudden distress. 

We get to work fixing the problem we think we have, not realizing it’s just a symptom.

Which keeps us looping through the same pattern. The same comfort zone problem.

  • Fix the relationship, end up with money problems
  • Fix the money problem, find ourselves with health problems
  • Fix the health problems, our relationship falls apart

Until we get comfortable with everything going well at once we’re doomed to stay stuck in this loop.

So what do we do to fix it and finally allow ourselves to have it all in life?

Rewire the underlying belief that it’s dangerous to be too happy, too successful, too abundant. Get comfortable being happy, successful, and in love with life.

This is what we did for my client. We didn’t go to work fixing her relationship. Instead, I used powerful Quantum Healing techniques to help her rapidly rewire her internal belief.  We instilled the deep-seated belief (which is a universal truth by the way) that she is safe to experience whatever she desires in life.

We undid programming from way back in her childhood that told her it was greedy to have such a blessed life and still want more. 

We traveled timelines and dimensions rewriting her story of security so she felt safe in her body no matter what was going on around her.

We cleaned up her energetic field of old densities and emotions that were making her feel unsafe and contributing to this loop.

We solved the problem instead of dealing with the symptoms. And do you know what happened? Her income continued to increase AND so did her satisfaction in her relationship. Within a few months, she was telling me how good everything was going and how she and her partner were like newlyweds again.

Why? Because she finally felt safe, worthy, and capable of creating a life beyond her wildest expectations in every single way. And so of course that’s what she started experiencing.

The truth is, you can have it all – but not until you feel safe to do so.   

Ask yourself – what do I really believe about living an abundant, magical life? Where do I feel unsafe to do so?   

Stop trying to fix the symptoms and instead go to the root of the problem.

It’s time to live that life beyond your wildest expectations.