3 Things I Learned Building Two Very Different Businesses: Lessons for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

What’s so different about being a spiritual entrepreneur vs being a regular ol’ businesswoman? In this lifetime I’ve built two very different businesses in two drastically different ways. Only by doing this did I learn 3 very important lessons for spiritual entrepreneurs.

The first business I owned was a very traditional business built the “normal” way (don’t get me started on normal).  The second is spiritually focused, soul-led, heart-centered and I built it very differently. Here’s what I’ve learned.  

First, let’s get this clear – I made mistakes in both and celebrated successes in both. That’s life baby, you’ve gotta roll with the punches. It’s a journey, and that means you will learn and grow over time.

Lesson 1: Be willing to try things and learn from your mistakes.

In my first business I was focused on bringing value to the companies I worked with by using my expertise, learned skills, and hard work. I worked my way up through my field, building a reputation as a dedicated, smart, driven gal who knew her shit. I put my time in. I poured my blood, sweat and tears into the contracts I landed. I looked outside of myself to hone my skills and backed it up with pieces of paper that said I was qualified to do what I did.

You know – the way we’re “supposed” to do it.

And it worked. I did build a successful company. But oh man, was the price too high! It cost me my own well-being. I felt confused and lost that the things I THOUGHT would make it all perfect were actually leading me into frustration, depression, and an overall sense of despair.

But I’m no quitter. So I decided to try something new: my second (current) company was born from a deep soul pull to quit working for a living and start serving my purpose. To do something that truly mattered. I’m a bit crazy so I jumped before the landing was ready and went all in.

It was a complete 180 from the previous business. I did deep inner work, got crystal clear on who I was here to help and why, and completely discarded anything I’d learned in my previous life. I pretty much shunned all talk of strategy and put all of my skills on the shelf. I dove head first into clearing my channel, embracing my galactic (i.e. weird) gifts, and waited around for the call to step into aligned action.

Uhhhhh, no.

I’m a fantastic project manager and pretty epic at product development, but there I was sitting on my meditation pillow waiting for inspiration to strike while the money was running out. Cue money mindset fuckery.

I felt like a failure. A loser. Had I just made one of the biggest mistakes of my life? I realized something REALLY wasn’t working. People weren’t beating down my door to work with me even though I was posting on social media.

All my mentors said success was 80% an internal game, so why wasn’t it working? …Oh wait. 80%, not 100%. And apparently that other 20% required more than just randomly posting something that felt good.

Lesson 2: 80% inner work. 20% strategy.

We live in a physical world. That means that we get to and have to show up in the physical world. Do people slide into my DM’s wanting to work with me? Yes, they do. Do people jump onto a free call with me just to hire me on the spot? Yes, that happens.

Am I going to build a 7 figure business this way? Maybe if I didn’t need to feel like I had done something to deserve it – then maybe that would be possible. You see, I think we need the action, the journey, to become the version of ourselves that can actually hold something like that in our reality.

80% inner work. 20% strategy. After realizing this, I got to work. I took action grounded in guidance. Every action I took bred more clarity. On my mission. On the problems my clients want help with. Clarity on who I am and why I’m uniquely qualified to do the work I do. On who I’m here to help and how best I can help them achieve their dreams.  Clarity on what works in my business and what doesn’t.

You see, every bit of action I took wasn’t the most perfectly delivered soul aligned action.  It was the right next step I needed for my growth and expansion into the soulful spiritual entrepreneur I’ve become. Oh, and it reminded me how much I LOVE being in action. I’d forgotten how good it felt to accomplish things that matter to me.

So, what have I learned from having two very different businesses? It can all be summed up with my favorite lesson for spiritual entrepreneurs:

Lesson 3: Balance is the key.

Soul-led, physically created. In this 3D world we live in we need both to be fulfilled at our core. For more, read my other blog “The sweet spot is in the balance.

What a beautiful journey it is.

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