The sweet spot is in the balance

At the gym this morning I was thinking about the perfect balance of alignment, action, and awareness that allows you to manifest what you desire.

When you want to get fit what do you do? 

Do you lay around at home, thinking positive thoughts while eating a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream and waiting for your hot body to show up?

Probably not.  If you’ve tried it you’ve found it doesn’t work that well for most of us.

You know that it requires some action on your part.

Okay, let’s take action.

So do you head to the gym on a whim, throw some weights around for a few minutes and then head home to consume that tub of ice cream?

Again, probably not.

Because you also know it requires some planning.

It isn’t just action that’s important, it’s the right action at the right time.

So you come up with a plan.

You decide what types of workouts you’re going to do and when you’re going to do them.

You decide what you’re going to eat and when you’re going to eat it.

You decide how and when you’re going to track your progress.

Great, you have a plan.

Now you take the action.

You do the workouts.

You prep and eat the food.

You track your progress.

And you continue to take action until you see results because you also know consistency is important.  Changing your diet and exercising for a week isn’t going to get you those six pack abs.

So what if you follow your plan for four weeks only to find you’ve gained 20 pounds?

Will you keep going with the same plan for another six months hoping for a better result?

Probably not.

Instead you change up the plan and see what happens, monitoring your progress and adjusting as needed until you see that six pack.




The trifecta of manifestation.

The trifecta of life.

We are all powerful co-creators but so many of us are missing one or more of the pillars of the triangle.

It isn’t always the same pillar.

Sometimes we bounce from pillar to pillar hoping something sticks.  We focus on action for awhile, then fall back into working on our energetic alignment without listening to the nudges to take action.  Or we get so attached to our plan we’re unable to see what isn’t working and adjust.

The sweet spot is in the balance.

Find your balance.

Be the observer of yourself and your patterns.  And adjust from there.

If you can’t see it then find someone who can.

For your body get a workout program, hire a trainer, purchase healthy meals from a food delivery company.

For your mind read a book, purchase a program, find an accountability partner, hire a coach or find a mentor.

For your soul listen to a podcast, find a spiritual mentor, go to a retreat, hire a healer.

Whatever feels right for you, do that.

But remember that nothing changes by sitting on the couch eating that tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream while wishing that things were different.