Little girl

There once was a little girl.  She believe in magic.  In fairies flitting in the forest.  In guardian angels looking over us.  She believed in her place in the world.  She believed we are all meant for something.  She believed she could do anything, that nothing was impossible.

The little girl moved through the world with an open heart and a fearless step for she knew all people are love, light, and support.

Sometimes the little girl would encounter puzzling things.  Things that seemed in opposition of her view of the world.  But the little girl was sure the world was safe and beautiful and so she persisted with a skip in her step and a song in her heart.

But as the girl grew she had more and more experiences that made her pause.  And over time they started to change her.

She trusted less and questioned more.

She skipped less and watched more.

She tested her way through the world, waiting and watching to see the reactions.

Little by little she closed off parts of herself because they were dumb, childish, stupid, or weird.  Because they were lame, selfish, ridiculous, or impossible.

Over time the girl was no longer sure who she was.

She knew she still loved people but she was afraid of them.

She knew humanity was born of love but she saw so much hate.

She knew there was so much more available but she had no idea how to access it.

As the girl grew her heart hurt.  She had many life experiences, amazing and terrible and everywhere in between, but she never felt complete.

Slowly she realized she was no longer herself, whoever that was.

The girl knew in her heart that this was not how she was supposed to feel.

So the not so little girl made a choice to find another way.

And the not so little girl dug and searched and ran and fell and jumped and cried and wondered and laughed and lost and never gave up until she skipped again.

What she found was not at all what she expected.

Buried under all the years.  Under all the experiences, traumas, learnings, and life she found the little girl who had been right there all along.  And the not so little girl realized that she was not here to be shaped by the opinions and beliefs of others.

She had never been intended to follow the path of another…for she was the lighthouse.

And off she went into the world shining light into the darkness.