There is a different way


That used to be me.

I was desperate to be happy.

Desperate to feel worthy.

Desperate to be content.

Desperate to feel like I wasn’t alone.

I had a beautiful life.  It was circumstances, it was me.  I was so disconnected from the real me I had no idea how to feel good.

I was searching for the cure.  It had to be out there.  I just had to find the right book, the right teacher, the right job, the right amount of money, the right diet.

If only my husband would take out the garbage.  Or if my kids would appreciate me more.  Or my coworkers would quit being such a pain.

But you know what I figured out after years of working on it?  It was always me.  And I had the power to fix it all along.  I just didn’t have the ability to see that.

It makes my heart hurt to think of how many people are living in this near constant state of hurt, sadness, disappointment, and shame.

I wish I could pull the blindfold off of humanity all at once.


You get to be you in all your amazing, messy, beautiful glory.

You get to decide how you feel in the moment.

You get to laugh and love and dance and run and serve.

You get to be fully supported in everything you desire.

It is all there for you.

But how?

By tapping into the true version of you.

By letting all of the hurt and stories and beliefs about the world and yourself go.

By deciding you what you really desire and understanding that you are deserving.

By standing still in silence for five minutes and listening to your intuition.

Just stop for a minute and listen.  You might be amazed at what you hear.