Life is supposed to be fun…

This really is one of my favorite things to say (to myself or out loud).  Simple right?  But it is a belief that so many people do not hold.  I was one of those people for years.

Down deep I knew that I was doing something wrong.  I could feel that living a life of struggle or drudgery was not what we were put on this earth for.  But somehow most of us ended up wandering through life doing the things we are supposed to do, or expected to do, or do because everyone else does.

I woke up one day.

It wasn’t an overnight awakening.

But I am so grateful it happened.

Because now I’m choosing to live.

And that is a miracle.

But even so I was thinking today that I am still not playing enough.  I laugh a lot.  I have a lot of fun.  But I want to PLAY more.

I want to do things that delight me.  Things that aren’t adult.  Or cool.  Or whatever.  I want to dance like a wild woman in my living room.  I want to play tag.  I want to run with abandon and fun…not for my daily exercise.

Why do we give these things up when we “grow up”?

We are clearly doing it wrong.

So I intend to take some cues from my younger self and all those little children out there and play more.

I commit to playing every single day.

Don’t you want to play with me?