Not everyday is perfect…

I talk a lot about the changes in me and my life over the years.  There was a point where I was miserable, depressed, and suicidal.  The happy moments were so few and far between I can’t really remember them.  But I remember the despair.  I remember the hurt.  I remember the sadness and the anger and the bad behavior.

I am so grateful that I have been able to figure out how to feel differently, behave differently, live differently.  I am so grateful for this version of me.  I am so grateful for the life I now have.

But I think you need to know…there are still moments where I find myself right back in those dark feelings.  There are still times where I am sad.  There are still times where I feel like life is too hard.  But they are the moments that are few and far between.  And when they do come I am better equipped to find my way out.

So please know it is normal to have angry, sad, depressed moments.  None of us are blissful every moment of everyday.  And that’s ok.  But I hope you see that those are not supposed to be the norm.  There is a better way.

And it is so worth finding it.

Love to you all…mwuah!