Don’t give up on your dreams

I’m writing.

I’m writing.


I’m sure you don’t realize the enormity of those two words.  You see, I have always wanted to be an author.  In high school writing fiction was my favorite.

But I didn’t become an author.  My life ended up going a lot of places I never expected.  But that desire to be an author has never left.

For the last several years I have felt this strong pull to share my story.  I want to connect with humanity.  I want people out there who are feeling like I felt to know that they aren’t alone.  I want to offer them the lessons I’ve learned, the shoulder to cry on, the knowing that they are worth it, the forgiveness they believe they don’t deserve.

So I am writing.

I am writing a book.

I have committed to writing for 60 minutes a day.  Why?  Because authors write, of course.  And I am an author.

I am writing.

I am writing a book.

It brings me so much joy I just want to keep typing it.

But I’ve got a book to write…