Daily Thought Reform

I’ve been teaching and talking a lot lately about being conscious of our thoughts and how powerful that can be.

Most of us never really take the time to recognize what that little voice in our head is saying to us non-stop.  And for many of us it isn’t good.

One of the most powerful changes you can make is to learn to recognize what is going on up there and choose something better.

Are you constantly telling yourself you aren’t good enough?

So often that you don’t even realize it anymore?

I know I was.

But there is a better way.  And it is pretty simple, although it may take a bit to become natural.


When you start noticing your thoughts and you hear “I’m not good enough.”

Choose something different.

Replace it with “I’m always more than enough.”

At first it will feel weird.  Or crazy.  Or like it is bullshit.  But trust me…keep at it.  The more you do it the more you start to realize this is the truth.  And the easier it becomes to recognize.  And then the more you say the good thing to yourself.  Keep going…you are building new habits and those can take time.

But you are worth it…don’t give up!

I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing a daily thought reform.  The purpose will be to remind you to pay attention to your thoughts – and to change them to loving, supportive ones.  Everyday I will share a negative thought and an idea for what you might say to yourself instead.  If you recognize the negative thought within you then you will be prepared with a response.

This will seriously change your world if you stick to it.

I believe in you.

Love to you all…mwuah!