It is never done…

Hello my loves!

I wanted to share a recent experience that made me realize how true it is that we never get it done and we always have the opportunity to become better versions of ourselves.

I have been in an amazing place recently.  Feeling good, having wonderful interactions with people in person, online, and on the phone.  I’ve been working a lot to get stuff out into the world that I believe can help people improve their lives and humanity as a whole.  Everything has been clicking and flowing and feeling good.

Then last night when my guard was down I found myself spewing negativity from a place of hurt.  You see, I have been holding something in and not dealing with it because I believe that it will be hard and painful and maybe out of my control.  I have been holding onto this story of mine for years.  And I’ve noticed that every once in awhile it just comes out…and I don’t like it.

This morning I woke up feeling horrible and guilty about it.  In the past I would have spiraled out of control.  Beating myself up for my attitude and my actions.  Carrying the guilt and letting it grow and grow.

But now I know better.

So every time it came up for me today I was able to recognize it, be grateful that I could, and let it go.

I was able to be gentle with myself.

In the past I would have regretted it all and hated on myself.

But today I am grateful.  I am grateful I have learned how to deal with the guilt.  I am grateful for learning how to treat myself with kindness as I would a loved one.

And I am most grateful for the opportunity to recognize and heal this thing that has been festering inside of me.

I know that I am lucky it came up…that it is a clear indicator of the work I need to do.

So I am doing it.  I am choosing differently.  I am creating the experience I desire by using the techniques I know work for me to release the negativity around this.  I am committed to this process because I am committed to always being a better version of myself and living a better life than yesterday.

This is what matters.

This is what is important.

Beating ourselves up does no one any good.

But healing ourselves puts us in a place to be the light for others and to show up as our best selves.

And that impacts everyone around us for the better.

Love to you all…mwuah!