Be The Light

This quote popped into my head this morning and I realized how true it is.
The day I decided to figure out how to be truly happy was such a blessing.
I used to worry so much… Was I good enough?

Was I smart enough?

Funny enough?

Pretty enough?

I was constantly looking for validation outside of myself…trying to do the things I should do because someone said I would be happy if I did.

And I was miserable.
I decided I wouldn’t waste this life anymore and to be truly happy I needed to find out what that really meant.
And I am so glad I did.
I’m blissful.
I’m trusting.
I’m guided.
I am full of love 💕
I am experiencing this life in a way I didn’t know existed and it is amazing 🤩

My wish for each of you is that you too are experiencing this in your life 💫
If you aren’t I urge you to try.
Because it is beyond beautiful ✨💕💫 And that light was inside me all along… Love you all, mwuah 💋

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