Hi, I’m Erica Lester, creator of the Quantum Leap Lifestyle, inspired human on a mission to do her part to upgrade humanity.

Are you a fun, funky, adventurous soul who has the audacity to believe there must be more to life?

Have you built a pretty great life but you still feel like something is missing?

Are you unwilling to settle for good enough?

Then you are in the right place!

I’m here to help you wake up to your true potential, allowing you to step into a life of true passion, purpose and fulfillment!

Quantum Leap Lifestyle

What is the Quantum Leap Lifestyle?

It is fun, freedom, adventure and connection.

It is love, abundance, peace and clarity.

It is health, wealth, passion and purpose.

The Quantum Leap Lifestyle is based on the reality that we really can play in a field of endless possibilities.

That anything is available to us if we are willing to voice our desires and step fully into our power and our truth.

It is allowing yourself to live a life that lights you up.

Not in 1, 5 or 10 years.

Right now.

But how?

By working through the structure of 4 important pillars:

Pillar 1 Intentionalize

Quit living life by deafult

Get intentional by getting clear on what you desire and having the audacity to allow it

Pillar 2 Shift

Utilize every layer of you and every tool available to shift out what is blocking you from receiving it

Pillar 3 Create

Fill the space you’ve created with exactly what you want – big or small

Pillar 4 Integrate

Lock it into your life and your field by living from this alignment

Ready to find out more?

Mindset Not Miracles DIY Course

MNM is a 30 day program to create lasting transformation:

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F The Rules – 5 Day Extravaganza

Learn how to finally let go of the bull and get what you really desire!
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Day 1

Why The Rules Are Bullshit (and are holding you back)

Day 2

Break The Rules & Break Free (and why you must)

Day 3

How (and why) To Drop The Guilt

Day 4

New You New Freedom (and why you deserve it)

Day 5

Now What? An Action Plan for Lasting Change

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