I specialize in helping people create bliss in their everyday lives by teaching them that they have the power to choose how they feel in any given moment.


Obsessed with helping others build blissful lives

We can’t always change our circumstances instantly but we can change our thoughts if equipped with the right tools and techniques to help us.  And the more we choose to focus on the positive the more our life experience improves.  I strive to provide my clients with the tools and support they need to reframe their brains and allow them to choose love, light, and laughter.

One-on-One Laser Coaching

Are you interested in more?  I offer one-on-one laser coaching packages to really help you take your results to the next level.

One of these might be for you if:

  • You are looking to make major improvements in your life
  • You want rapid results
  • You want personalized service and direct access

The TAP Membership

This monthly membership is designed for the person who is ready to transform and create the life of their dreams.  

  • Are you ready to be truly happy?
  • Are you ready to take back your power and quit letting outside forces determine your reality?
  • Are you ready to have the life you have always desired?

If you said yes then turn on the TAP to TAP into your inner power!

Mindset not Miracles

Mindset not Miracles is a full 30 day course designed to help you get the results you desire.  Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions you aren’t going to remember come February, why not invest in yourself and truly change your life?

F The Rules – 5 Day Extravaganza

Learn how to finally let go of the bull and get what you really desire!
Each day for 5 days you will get access to an in-depth training and homework assignment (which you will continue to have access to long after the 5 days are up).

Day 1

Why The Rules Are Bullshit (and are holding you back)

Day 2

Break The Rules & Break Free (and why you must)

Day 3

How (and why) To Drop The Guilt

Day 4

New You New Freedom (and why you deserve it)

Day 5

Now What? An Action Plan for Lasting Change

Interested in making lasting change? Join the waitlist and we will contact you with enrollment details as soon as they are available.

Best Life Bootcamp

What is the Best Life Bootcamp?

It’s a 7 week online course to build your best life right now

  • Access to 2 coaches teaching you practical steps on how to build your best life Right Now!
  • Weeks 1-6 will include a video training and homework assignment to put it into practice each week
  • Week 7 will be a live training and Q&A session to tie it all together
  • You get access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with the coaches and other students
  • Includes guided meditations, journal prompts, visualization exercises, and more powerful tools

Get on the waitlist to join the next round of the Best Life Bootcamp!


30 Day Bliss Builder Workbook

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